Thursday, September 30, 2010

rainy day

i'm so sleepy, it's raining a lot here and it's all dark and stormy and humid. it makes me want to curl up in a ball under my blankets and sleep. rain is the perfect sleeping weather.

i haven't posted much about my intakes/weight recently, mostly because i'm about to start my time-of-month and i've been craving/binging a lot. i step on the scale everyday and look away because i don't want to have to deal with what it's going to say. i really need my drive, my willpower back. i want to be thin and pretty and perfect.

gah i just fell asleep for a second.. i completely lost my train of thought. cool.

i really don't have much of substance to say, i'm really exhausted. i'll reply to your comments and maybe talk about my non existent life in a later post. for now, i'm going to nap.

rain was made to accompany naps.

stay skinny lovelies, sorry for the sleepy post. i'll be more awake/interesting later.

xox liz


  1. I <3 rainy days. There's nothing better than going to sleep listening to the rain. :)
    Stay strong sweet.

  2. So lovely rainy days it's a time of renewal almost! =)
    I'm sorry you have been having craving/binges me too right now for the same dumb reason. When enough that won't even be a problem.
    x Lyndee

  3. I agree, rain makes me want to stay in my cozy warm bed all day and nap and watch movies. If only I had the luxury of having spare time for that lol. By the way, Im so glad you posted pictures of your beautiful self. Its nice to put a face to the blogger.

  4. I have just discovered your blog now and read some posts. I really like it.
    And I am excited to read news and hear about your progress.
    Stay strong, girl. Wish you the best,