Saturday, September 25, 2010

what a beautiful mess this is

favorite song... beautiful mess by jason mraz. like actually though. i'm going to post the entire song lyrics in a new post because i love it so much. i listen to it over and over and over...

anyways... so many calories... i hate going out to eat. i always end up ordering the wrong thing and eating too much of it and blah. you know the drill. i feel like this happens to me way too often.

i went grocery shopping with my dad after, and it went okay. i get really stressed out in grocery stores, sometimes i panic and make an excuse to leave, sometimes i just shake a lot. all that happened today was the shaking, and it can be disguised as being cold, grocery stores are always freezing. i bought a couple low calorie things to have for lunch this week and i'm pretty optimistic about being able to keep my count under 700 every day.

for treats to drink i got hot chocolate mix (60 cals) and lite arizona arnold palmers (50 cals- it's half lemonade, half iced tea. it's a big thing where i live). i think i'll have either one of those every other day, if i want one. i usually just want diet soda or water though, but we'll see. for breakfast/lunch i'll have special k chocolate granola bar (90 cals). i don't ever really want a hot breakfast, for some reason breakfast grosses me out... so it's pretty easy to combine breakfast and lunch. for a snack, i'm going to eat either a fruit cup (100 cals) or a yogurt (100 cals). i also have these jello brand chocolate mousse cups (60 cals) which are to die for. i'll probably eat one of those every couple of days after dinner.

sooo basically, for a day when i don't drink anything but diet soda and water, my intake will be 190 calories before dinner, which is totally subject to whatever my mom wants to cook. like i said yesterday, i'll burn off 200 calories at least everyday and keep dinner under 500. so 690 without exercising! :)

oh and i'm 124! i weighed myself this morning. so i already have a head start! i still want to be 118 by homecoming though, if not less than that. if i lose one more pound then i'll officially have lost 10 pounds since i've had this blog (i started at 133)! thinking about it now, 10 pounds is a lot. i'm semi proud of myself lol but i still have more to lose. i want to turn that 10 pounds into 15.

ugh. i have lots of homework to do. yes, i'll be doing homework on a saturday afternoon. don't get too jealous now, only a few people can be as cool as me...
just kidding. it's going to suck. i have a huge exam in advanced placement us history on monday. yippee.  so that means i'm going to online shop right now. haha yay for procrastinating. stay skinny lovelies. xox liz

p.s. here's the whole ecology series including the pinecone picture (they're all unedited):

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  1. Your pictures are beautiful! I love the second one from the bottom. Smart idea, stocking up on low cal snacks. I should do that too, but then they go bad because I dont eat them fast enough. Goodluck with all of your school stuff!