Tuesday, September 14, 2010

she looks like sex, drugs, rock and roll

i LOVE that song, get u home by shwayze. not the kind of music i normally listen to, but i can't help myself.

so for some reason i'm in an incredibly good mood right now! :) i think it's because of my day, it has gone really well so far. it was easy school-wise and in my homeroom class, i sit next to a cute football player who i have a major crush on... he's sooo cute and we talk the entire class, it always puts me in a good mood :)

and i also only ate a skim white mocha latte from starbucks with no whip, handful of grapes, a couple wheat thins, and a low fat cheese stick today. so far my calorie count is like.. 300 calories, yay! i've been under 1000 for the last few days. i looked at the scale yesterday after dinner with a bunch of clothes and it said 128... i hope that's not really what i weigh.

wait PHEW. i literally just weighed myself again and i'm 125. thank god. and that's fully hydrated. i have a retreat with some people in my class this saturday. we're going to this ropes course all saturday and then sleeping in cabins that night. last year we did the same thing and i looked at the pictures: i looked like the biggest fucking fat ass in my harness for the course, i don't want that to happen again.

i figure i can lose about a pound a day. i've been able to do that before, so it shouldn't be a problem. lets see... i'm 125 today and it's tuesday? so wednesday=124, thursday=123, friday =122, saturday=121. yay! that should do it. and then i'll be closer to my gw too... and i don't have to eat anything during the entire retreat, i'm lactose intolerant and all they every have to eat is pizza so i can get out of it. and the ropes course is actually lots of exercise. i'm getting excited now! i have to stay on track though... i'll make a schedule, it's easier for me to follow those than to just use willpower... that never works. my willpower is shiiiit. it goes, "i really shouldn't stuff my face today. but i'm in my kitchen. next to the fridge. it's fate, i have to." *stuffs face* "fuck.". so that's definitely not the route to go.

to goal_thin: welcome! and thanks for the support girl :)
to kazehana: that definitely doesn't sound insane, that sounds amazing! i could never do all that stuff, and it sounds so cool. i'd really love to speak a bunch of languages but right now it's only english and french, and i knit and cook too! also you said you taught a sushi making class, i've never actually had sushi haha, i know i know, everyone loves it, i've just never felt the need to try it. we'll see, maybe someday! :) it's nice to know more about you!

sorry this post is so goddamn long.. not my intention haha

okay well i'm off to do some homework, walk my dog, have a low cal dinner (fingers crossed!) and try to sleep! i'll read your blogs somewhere in there too lovelies i promise! xox liz


  1. ahh the ropes thing sounds AWSHUM. happy you're in a good mood (: yay. good luck XX

  2. Well done for everything, it's nice when people have positive posts :-)

    You mentioned that you had a 'skim white mocha latte from starbucks' Do you know the exact calories for starbucks drinks? I can't find a confident answer anywhere so always just get a black coffee, but would love to get a skinny latte or something.

    Keep up the good work :-) H x