Monday, September 20, 2010

baby could you be my corona and lime

i love that song. shwayze. loove them.

it's a monday. and it's been awesome. this never happens...

but i love it. :) i had like 5 minutes of hot sex today (sorry for the tmi lol) but like... actually. teenage boys don't last very long... guys get better at this right? hopefully. but it wasn't horrible, it was pretty stress relieving. it was with that guy, the ex boyfriend i talked about in my last post. we'll call him J from now on, i have a feeling i'll be talking about him again..

and in homeroom, the cute football player i've talked about before, we'll call him M, told me i looked really cute in my glasses. when i said that i've worn them in class before he said that i looked really cute then too... eeeek! he said a bunch of other really cute things, and was like really cute in general. hot damn. flirting with him is so much fun! he's got the clearest most piercing blue eyes, he told me he'd text me later today so we'll seee. god, he's so cute.

i've had about 170 calories today, minus the 25 i burned during sex. shit that feels and tastes good is never actually good for you. life's unfair. but that's not the point: about 145 calories so far... and i'll do sit ups later. my dad's making lasagna tonight and his lasagna is one of my favorites, so i'm probably going to binge. but i'm really excited, i've been so hungry all day. it's ridiculous. SO HUNGRY. goddamnit. i hate being hungry. my will power is like a zero. i'm going to just wait for dinner. as long as i stay out of the kitchen i'll be fine. i just keep trying to think about how good it felt to look at the scale yesterday. i forgot to weigh myself this morning and i don't like to weigh during the day when i have stuff in my system... i'm too afraid to look at those numbers.

okay. so, that's about it for today. i'll post tomorroww, i really appreciate the comments, it's nice to hear from you girls :) stay skinny! xox liz

update: my non existent will power and i had a very very teeny piece of pizza. about 100 calories i think


  1. hahaha! I don't know if the problem is that he's a teenager, hun. The boy I was with when I was 18 (he was 17) used to wear me out for hours at a time. I think we were once stuck in my room for 5 or 6 hours or something absurd like that. All I know is it wasn't midnight when we got in bed, but it was daylight when we got back out.

    You might wanna consider lots and lots and lots of foreplay for you before you let him get a turn. xp

    Mmmm lasagna.

    I've been working on a way to make a vegan, gluten free lasagna. If I ever figure out something that almost perfectly resembles a real one, I'm gonna be so fuckin stoked.

  2. Ahhh you are SO lucky with the seeexxxxxx. I had another bad sexual experience, I may blog about it ;) Good luck resisting lasagne, UGGH IMPOSSIBLEE! ! XXXXX

  3. My moms lasagna.. my fave too. You're aloud to have some bad days, (or good haha, whichever you count eating normally as). Just make up for it the next day :)