Thursday, September 23, 2010

basically incoherent post... i'm really tired.

this is going to be really short because, where i am, it is 1:07 am and i still have a ton of homework to do... and i have to get up at 5:45. the things i do for you girls...
just kidding lol, anyways thank you for your comments, i'm sorry about the rant, i don't like to do that very often, i'm not a very angry person i swear! i just wanted to address the point kazehana made. i agree completely. the thoughts and opinions they were voicing were completely normal and i hate to think that i'm the person who complains about nothing. i was just angry and worked up at the time, it's not like i didn't know what i was saying but at the time it sounded logical. i really do appreciate you pointing that out, i needed a little wake up call. namaste.
again, i love your comments you guys, and i'm sorry if it takes me a little while to comment on your posts, i'm a procrastinator.

i hope this post makes sense. i'm like half awake...

okay i think i'm going to end this post. and then die of exhaustion. for those of you who don't know, highschool sucks. xox liz.
p.s. my mom's away in spain, so i get to fast all week! no more nagging or tempting lunches. cross your fingers for some major pound droppage.


  1. YAAY love it when they go away :) stay strong! xxxxxxx

  2. ALL OF MY EXTENDED FAMILY LIVES IN GROSSE POINTE!!! that is such a small world... for real, let me know if you ever come back lol :)