Saturday, September 18, 2010

so i'm up insanely early to go the ropes course (insanely early=8 am..) and i thought i'd just say thank you girls for being so supportive in that last post. i really love this little community we have going here, so thank you girls for being there for me :)
also, i can fast for the whole time i'm on this trip with no questions asked, which is until 1pm tomorrow. i'm really excited, somehow yesterdays fast came and went and i was still at 125. woohoo. not. i'm hoping to get to 123 at least by sunday, all the exercise and not having to eat should help a lot.
okay well i'll update when i get back, as well as respond to what kazehana said, i had something to say and i forgot it :( hopefully i'll remember when i'm gone! stay skinny lovelies, xox liz

1 comment:

  1. HAVVVVE FUNNNN! :-) You can get to 123lb girly:) xxx