Thursday, September 16, 2010

time to get serious

i've been serious about losing weight before but it's crackdown time now. hardcore. fasting and tons of exercise. i looked at the scale just a second ago and it said 127. there's no fucking way right? i hope not, i couldn't have gained like 4 pounds in a day... hopefully. erasing all the goals that i achieved is killing me. right back where i started.
i'm going to go exercise for the rest of the day and working off this extra weight right now. like right this second. i'm so sick of being fat.
i'll post again and read your posts later lovelies, xox liz


  1. you can't have gained 4 pounds, don't panic- it'll be water weight. Don't be down! :-) x

  2. LOVE THIS POST. i'm fucking sick of it too. time to get to bid'niss. love,