Wednesday, September 29, 2010

it's britney bitch

thank you all for the sweet comments you left on my last post! i realized the picture made me look about 12 years old, sorry about that. i had to delete the pictures though, i don't wanna take the risk of someone recognizing me, that would not be good.

so i don't know if any of you girls watch glee, but i do. it's a great show, i've always wanted to be a dancer so it's cool to watch all the songs they do.. and it's a really good show. yesterday it was on and it was a britney spears themed episode. i grew up listening to her, her cd was the first one i ever bought. so i'm all hooked on britney again lol. i know she's had her crazy days, but who hasn't? and on glee, they talked about how her music made kids more sexual and come out of their shells (sue said it started a sex riot, you really have to watch the show to understand haha) and i really think that's true. her music makes me want to be the gorgeous sexy skinny girl she sings about (and was when she was younger). i don't know if this makes any sense haha sorry about that

anyways, i had some macaroni and cheese today, it was so tempting i couldn't resist... about 420 calories. i've been dancing around my room all day so i'm sure some of it has burned off. soup is for dinner so maybe i can keep it under 600 today?? fingers crossed.

not much has been happening in my life lately. i've been trying to decide what to be for halloween. i have to have a flat stomach for most of the costumes that i like. where i live everyone dresses like skanks, there were a whole group of hooters girls last year. i think i might be a police officer but i don't know. do you guys have any ideas?

okay well i've got homework to do and britney spears songs to dance to, hope you girls are doing okay :) xox liz

update: i sent my photos in to apply to i stock photos (so i can sell my pictures online) and can't stop checking my email for their response. cross your skinny little fingers!! xx


  1. Good luck with the pictures!!! Let us know how it goes, gorgeous.
    And a police officer sounds totally hot! I don't have many ideas though, cos I live in Australia, and we don't get to dress up here!

  2. eee thank you for the comment you helped me a lot :)! It scares me that you are already revising for the sat and mine is NEXT WEEK AND I'VE DONE NOTHING!! well, not nothing- I havve the book you recommended already, and luckily my score doesn't matter- the uni will take me regardless, it's just a logistic :) so thanks for the help lovey :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx