Wednesday, September 15, 2010


so i have a shit ton of french homework to do but i really just plain old don't feel like it. it's really boring, my teacher's really boring, and i don't want to do it. so i'm not. hah, suck that madame.

anyways... i'm 124 as of this morning! :) my dad's ordering chinese for us tonight though so i don't really know how long i can keep it up. chinese food is like my weakness, i can never stop eating it. i have to be skinny enough for this ropes course though, which means i can't stuff my face.

oh and i was asked where to find the exact calories in starbucks drinks etc, there's an iphone/itouch app (made by starbucks) where you can build a drink like you would order it and then just press the nutrition button and voila! i can't drink just straight black coffee so i think it's worth getting, you know exactly what you're ordering and how many calories are in it.

i felt really thin today, and it was great. i don't really know why though.. i can see my stomach bulge and thighs jiggle. the chinese food is starting to sound less and less appetizing the more and more i look in the mirror and step on the scale. ugh.
wish me luck, hopefully i won't eat too much... maybe i'll even do my french homework?
ha.. probably not. effff.
i hope your having a great day lovelies, xox liz

p.s. i know on a comment on a post i said i'd post my story of how i came to be this way with food, and i will, it's just long and i don't feel like it right now. oh and a cute boy just ran by my house, saw him through the window.. that's not as creepy as it sounds, you can see my street right from my bedroom window...... lol. xxxx.

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  1. Thanks for answering my starbucks question!! :-) all the best, DON'T EAT THE CHINESEEE! hehe Love, H x