Saturday, September 11, 2010

i have ribs...?

so i'm 124 now :)

i ate 1/2 a quesadilla today that i made, with 25 cals of cheese and 75 cals of tortilla, so 100 calorie intake today!

oh and a diet cherry coke. my moms making ham and buttermilk biscuits for dinner but i think i'm going out with my friends so i won't be home for that and i can skip dinner. i'm feeling a little light-headed though, i think it's my low blood sugar. i'll eat some grapes later maybe.

i was able to skip dinner last night too which was nice. i went to that football game i talked about in my last post, and it was pretty boring... nothing special ya know? just a bunch of guys in tight pants kicking a ball around and mauling each other. i left at half time to hang out with my friend/drive around a bit, which was real fun. came back in time to see my school win, 27-14! i have a teensy weensy crush on one of the players who i sit next to in homeroom, so i can congratulate him at school on monday ;) but anywho, i love skipping dinner. don't get me wrong, i love skipping every meal but dinner especially. it makes me feel nice and light the next morning, and lets me start the day off completely empty.

and i noticed something in the mirror this morning, if i bend in just the slightest way or raise my arms just a tiny bit, generally just move from a normal standing position, you can see ribs! i love ribs. i love hipbones, i love ribs, and i love collarbones. i want more, i want them to stick out from my skin. i want them to be there without me having to move. i'm really excited to have my bones show.

oh and i'm starting to think i need to take vitamin pills or something.. because i'm starting to bruise very very very easily. i just bump my arm and suddenly there's a bruise there. apparently (according to the internet...) i need vitamins c and k. i'll just take one of those daily vitamins, that'll work right? i hope so. these bruises are going to start to look suspicious. and the words "no i'm not physically abused, i'm just lacking vitamins and clumsy" are kind of embarrassing to say.

ugh i've got a killer headache. this suuucks. i think i need to drink water... the coke is the only thing i've had to drink today... i never drink enough water, i don't know why, i really need to work on thatt.

alright well i'm going to go listen to public radio and drink water until i feel like being social somewhere other than the internet. toodles lovelies, xox.

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