Thursday, September 9, 2010

day three: check. novel length post: check.

i'm gonna tell you about my day, because it was great. so skip this post if you want, nothing really exciting happens, just a good day story :)

i finished my third day at school and it was SO much better than the first two. i felt a little funny during it, my tummy was acting up but it went away eventually. i had a bottle of water, a bag of grapes, and a teensy weensy bit of a cookie. so i tried to look cute today, i was wearing this brown burnout t-shirt, the see through kind with jean shorts and i let my hair be natural (wavy), which i like better than curling it. and i had a really cute oversized ring on that was my grandma's. anyways, my first class was english, where i'm good friends with two girls, so we sat together, it was a pretty chill class, we didn't do much. next comes art 2, where we were drawing a still life in pencil. we finished and had to put them all on a table to look at. i was relieved because while i'm not the best artist there (there's this asian girl who is AMAZING), i skipped the pre-requisite of art 1 and i'm still not the worst there! i'm somewhere in the middle. anywho i went on to calculus class, where i aced our first test :) there's this really cute boy in that class who's very flirty, we've had a bunch of classes together over the years and know each other pretty well. we sat and goofed off and flirted, which is always fun haha. next came lunch, which you don't understand.. i was stressing about lunch, because we have 3 different lunch times and i didn't know many people who had my lunch time. this is only every other day, since we have a block schedule. i found people i know though! it was really fun, we ate outside, i don't know them well at all, but i'm getting to know them better and they're really nice. i went to the bathroom (since girls always want to go in pairs for some strange reason) with a girl who has never really liked me, but i never know why. we bonded and now we're friends! this is good because i see her everywhere, now it won't be awkward. finally (almost done!) i went to my last class, where i sit next to a boy i like... :) he's really cute. and really funny, if not a little dumb. we flirt a lot, so much so that others around us notice big time. he winks at me a lot, kind of as a joke, but kind of serious at the same time. we kid around and make fun of each other a lot, jokingly, and it's really fun. needless to say, i don't pay attention in class at all. who needs us history when you've got a cute boy next to you?

so that was my school day, thanks for bearing with me through that extra-long paragraph/story...

i'll probably post again later, we'll see how things go down. until then, toodles lovelies! xox

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  1. so happy to hear youre happier (since i just commented on the last post about .2 seconds ago lol) and i completely understand about the being nervous for lunch thing. my high school had block schdeule too and you never knew what hour lunch you had until the first two days of school, so i was always afraid i was gonna go into the lunch room and not see anyone i knew! but sounds like an awesome day!