Friday, October 1, 2010

new month, new start

i'm a big believer in fresh starts and i like the idea of using october as a fresh start for losing weight, cutting myself off from everyone around me, my grades, everything.

we have a huge football game tonight. and i mean huge. it's going to be broadcasted on the news as the game of the week. the school we're up against is extremely competitive, they get like 300 people to show up to their games and they take over the opposite team's bleachers. that's not happening at my school, i'm actually going to this game and hell will freeze over before anybody at our school lets them take our bleachers. our school is so spirited, it's so intense haha. but anyways... i hate games lol. like really, i hate football games. i have to find people to sit with and it is awkward when you're wandering around looking for people and it doesn't sound that bad but it is. if it doesn't go well, whatever, i'll just go home early. 

so apparently lots of girls like the cute football player in my homeroom, M, that i talk to a lot.. i expected that but his best girl friend likes him and he'll probably ask her to homecoming, not me, which is a bummer. he's really cute. he's the captain of our undefeated football team too... and so cute. haha. we'll see about him and homecoming.

i'm literally about to start my period any day now. sorry if that's tmi but it's true lol. and it's making me eat a lot. today i had a sandwich (about 450 cals) and some yogurt (50 cals). i just realized i can skip dinner though! scoree. so that'll put me at about 500 calories for today. yay! good way to start off october :)

one bad thing though is that i got my interim grades (halfway through 1st quarter they send out marks). and i got horrible scores. i'm saving it for monday to tell my parents. it's not going to go over well...

lastly, and as usual, thanks for your comments lovelies and welcome to the new girls. i hope all of you, new followers and the regulars, are doing well :) i've been trying to keep up with all the posts of the blogs i'm following but i've gotten behind lately, sorry! i love you girls, thanks for all the support.

i should get ready for the game... wish me luck on being able to skip dinner. until next time loves. 

xox liz

i love her hipbones and legs.


  1. I love new starts too. <3

    My grades are looking rather shit also. It sucks seeing as these are the ones that really matter-especially if I want to move away to a good 6th form college

    Anyways; good luck, much love x

  2. I love the optimism! Don't let those other girls who like M intimidate you! If you like him, go for it.

    Goodluck with telling your parents about your grades! Keep us updated on how that one goes.

  3. i totaly agree with the october being a new start!
    have fun at the game tonight! and goodluck on skipping dinner! well done for keeping it to 500 cals! :) I agree with lovelybones... if you like him then go for it :) whats the worse that can happen? him saying no? or him saying yes!?!?.. stay strong xxx

    oh and good luck with telling the parents.