Sunday, September 12, 2010

bingey mcbingerson

i ate soooooooo much. i think i topped it off at around 1500 calories. fml.

it's like you go into this state where everything around you looks amazing and you eat like you've never eaten before. i know, everyone here probably knows how horrible binging is and i have no reason to tell you the details but i've only experienced it a couple times. there's usually not that much good food in my house and i'm almost never in the kitchen. but this time there was, and i ate like crazy. after about 15 minutes into it i looked around at all the empty plastic containers and wrappers and soda cans and was disgusted. i refuse to step in front of a mirror or on a scale today. not until i'm empty again.

okay... well that's pretty much all i have to say, i'm off to read and all your wonderful posts :) bye lovelies, xox

oh and here's miranda kerr, i love this picture. thinspo for today:

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  1. Hey i'm a new follower- don't worry too much about the binge, we all slip. I had a bingey-weekend but just stepped on the scales to only a tiny gain. Stay positive :-) H x