Wednesday, September 8, 2010

i told

i told someone about ana

i told i told i told i told

i've never told anyone (except you guys) before...

it's a secret right? secret's are for keeping, NOT for telling. WHY DON'T I UNDERSTAND THAT.

did he sympathize? no.

was he disgusted? no.

did he even care? no.

and finally, did this work out for me? no.

awesome, this day is going fabulously! i can honestly say, i hate my life right now, i hate it. i never thought i could want to stop existing more than i do right at this moment.
and that's exactly what i'll do. i'll starve and starve until all that still exists of me is bones. maybe a little bit of skin but if it has an ounce of fat on it, nope, not allowed.

thanks for putting up with my rant. i'm going to go watch tv and smolder. xox.

1 comment:

  1. don't worry, i don't think guys really understand or would believe any of this stuff we do. If he doesn't care, he's a douche and not meant for you anyway! And don't stop existing. I would be really sad :/ just concentrate on the good things and know that all of these girls on here support you and love you! stay strong!