Wednesday, September 1, 2010

just as free, free as we'll ever be

so i had a really good hair day, which was good, i haven't had one in a while haha. i got this haircut that i haven't really figured out how to style yet. but i'm getting better at it! i had to eat a lot today though, lots of family meals and my parents always get suspicious when i don't eat anything around them.. fasting tomorrow, cross your fingers so i can go all day!
i was looking at thinspo of celebrities, because they always seem to be the skinniest. and when there are fat ones, the pictures always emphasize their cellulite and that makes me hate mine. i really like rachel zoe, she's really thin and bony and i absolutely love her clothes. the rachel zoe project show is annoying after a bit though but she's pretty coool. and i LOVE annalynne mccord. some people think she's ugly but i think she's so so so gorgeous. and she's like super thin but she's in shape too, abs and all. apparently she eats whatever she wants though.. not cool. her bellybuttons weird and i want a liiiittle bit smaller thighs (although i'll take what i can get haha), other than that, this is what i want to look like...

some day, some day.
stay skinnyy. xox.

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