Friday, September 10, 2010

football, american style

my school football game starts in about 10 minutes.

i hate football.

but i think, that in order to keep the friends i've recently made, i need to make an appearance...

i've been meeting lots of new people at school, who i always knew were there but never actually talked to. they're kind of really intimidating. so this game should be interesting. i straightened my hair, put on my school colors, and i'm hoping for the best.

wish me luck lovelies xox

and to frenzy- thanks for the comments girl :) i go in between happy and sad, not like bipolar but like.. teenage girl moody haha. school days are getting better which is really nice. i think lunch on the first few days is something people are always going to dread, or remember dreading. i only have one more year of highschool though after this, so only one more set of first day lunches, three cheers for almost being done with highschool! :)

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