Tuesday, November 30, 2010


i literally thought my legs were going to fall off today. i wore leggings and a big long sweater, and it's like 30 degrees here. baaaad idea.

i'm asking my mom to take me jeans shopping as a christmas present. i really want to try them on though so i'm not just going to ask for the jeans themselves. i asked her to come with me and after i try them on, buy them for me. sounds reasonable right? i hope she agrees to it.

i have to be at least 120 before i go shopping. i'd much rather be 115, my ultimate goal, but i don't know when the trip will be. i have to be 120 by christmas anyways, so i should be lower than that since the trip is after. jeans are kind of tough too haha. maybe it's just me but they feel like all my fat is all getting squished together and spilling out all over the place. i want boyfriend jeans, i've never worn them before, i wanna try them.. any other suggestions? what kind of brands do you like? i usually go to abercrombie but i'm not sure if there's another better brand.

that's about all that's on my mind ladies. all i can think about is christmas... all i really want is a decent scale but i don't think my mom would like that... haha. 

anyways, here's some jeans thinspo :)

abbey lee kershaw

daria werbowy

ginta lapina

bregje heinen

daria werbowy

bregje heinen

iselin steiro

iselin steiro

iselin steiro

iselin steiro

there are some real girl and some model pictures, all the names i know of the models are in the pictures. iselin steiro is a personal fave if you can't tell :)

hope you all are doing well! xox liz


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  2. Oh, I really like these pictures.

    You'll loose weight and you'll get the most awesome pair of jeans ;)
    I don't have a favourite brand, it always depends on how it looks on me. So try many different ones.

    You can do this.

  3. I effing love jeans thinspo. Topless with jeans is so hot, and ohhh I want to be skinny enough to do it! I also don't have a favorite brand, but I also like Levi's. I like the way they set up buying jeans in their stores.
    I am so jealous! That is a great idea for xmas!
    You can do it love, get to it and get yourself some sexy jeans!

  4. Great Jean-spo ;]
    Your doing so good :) Personally...i would mix and match with labels and brands :) Don't stick to just one, go for whatever feels and looks good ;] xx

  5. Ohh I love big sweaters. My obsessions ♥
    I don't really like boyfriend jeans. They don't suit me...AT ALL.
    They might on you though, I think some people can really pull them off.

    Hollister have these great jeans. I've been wearing mine like everytime I go out haha ;D For abercrombie I'd get those jeggings they have. They're so nice. but considering where you live it's so cold, I'd get some nice jeans, maybe GAP skinnies?
    I don't know where you live but in New York they have a topshop and topshop jeans are freaking gods of jeans. ♥

    Loving the jean-spo! Haha :)
    Take care, lovely