Thursday, November 11, 2010


i'm 124 bitches!

okay sorry. it had to be done. i was 124 this morning! granted, it was like 124.7, but still, it's under 125! finally, damn it. but i had to eat dinner so that sucked. it was burger night and my mom was being a bitch. so i had about 700 calories overall for the meal and 0 for the rest of the day. i walked for about an hour and burned about 200 calories i think, so 500 for the day? i'm kind of unhappy with that, i wish it was lower but i was way too tired to exercise a lot today.

sooooooo the entire day, i swear, my brain and my mouth WERE NOT connected. i was saying the dumbest things and rambling all the time, it was horrible. i feel like sending an apology message to all the people i talked to today, they deserve it hahaha i would have freaked myself out.. 

i haven't told you ladies about boys in so long, but honestly not much has happened.  i still have a crush on M, and he still is being mysterious about who he likes. i'm like 80% sure that he knows i like him so that's a little awkward... pile on the fact that i was talking nonsense today and i'm pretty sure he thinks i'm nuts. great.

on the other hand, one of his extremely attractive best friends was hitting on me today, which is a big deal because the guy is usually an asshole to everyone. i know i know, i shouldn't go for his best friend, but lets be real here. there are a total of about 10 attractive guys at my school and it's not my fault they're all friends. it's theirs, they should have planned for this..... i'm totally kidding by the way... but it is rather inconvenient that they're all friends. 

oh! and i was procrastinating on my homework on facebook (as usual) and i found this picture:
the girl on the left has the body i want, obviously.. she's really pretty although it doesn't really seem like it here/you can't really see her face. and she's super skinny. like this is one of the pictures where she looks larger than she normally is. the girl on the right speaks for herself. i don't want to be the fat friend anymore. 

i've been shopping on victoria's secret a lot lately, i know i talked about the bathing suit i got in my last post (the box shipped today!!!). i have some really old underwear that i need to replace and my mom offered to fund new underwear purchases from Pink as long as i get rid of the old ones i have now, soo i'm kind of REALLY excited. the sale is until monday and it's 7 pairs for $25... i'm thinking of buying a lot... i know my mom will pay for 14 pairs but i kind of want 7 more... or even 14. i'm sooo addicted to shopping, but i can't help it! i love clothes. especially underwear. i know this will sound weird, but i love running around in my underwear, especially on a day i'm feeling skinny... it's just so damn freeing. i love having the house to myself, i can do everything half dressed. especially pink/victoria's secret. lace, frills, bows, sequins, bright colors, if it's from victoria's secret, i'll wear it. plus it's great wearable thinspo, just buying it and wearing it makes me want to be thinner. i wanna be that cute skinny girl in the adorable panties. god i'm such a freak hahaha.

so i'm off to buy more underwear. cross your fingers for 123 tomorrow morning ;) i'll let ya know.
xox liz


  1. wow congrats on the 124 and i sincerely hope you are 123 by the time you open those pretty little eyes of yours in the morning :)
    thank you for joining the fast with me!!

  2. Yessssss,, I knew you could do it, girl. I am so damn proud of you!
    Keep on going, you will do great.

  3. well done on 124! thats great xxx