Thursday, November 25, 2010

'thin' documentary and vs angels

you all should definitely watch this:

i'm rewatching it now... i think it's so good. it's so real. the girls are real and you can tell. some people are calling it thinspo but i disagree. i think it's just relatable, that's why i like it. i don't know, it's really realllly good.

and then this..:

now that's thinspo. i'm so jealous of their beauty, it's effortless. and unfair.

that's all i have tonight. i leave for new york tomorrow! i'll post when i get back, so happy thanksgiving in advance :) i hope it goes well for you all, i know it can be stressful but don't lose sight of your goals, whatever those might be. you're all beautiful and strong, you can get through it.

good luck lovelies <3

xox liz


  1. ooooh i will definitely be watching! and new york is so much fun, you're probably visiting family but i hope you have a good time anyway haha.

  2. lol i just reread my comment and it sounds like i'm implying that you won't have fun with your family... i meant i hope you have a good time even if you don't get the chance to explore new york :)

  3. Fun! And I love that documentary, it is so sad. I do find it triggering... but not in a "thinspo" way... something.
    Love the angels. Agh.