Tuesday, November 2, 2010

my uterus hates me.

i feel like a drug addict but it's all for a good cause. i've been pill popping all day but my cramps are so bad, i'm allowed to. hahaha.

i could listen to mumford and sons for the rest of my life. i can't get enough of them. :)

today was okay, not horrible but not great. i babysat the most adorable kid in the whole entire world this morning, and he's usually a sweetheart but he wasn't feeling that good and he got really whiney. but that's okay, he was cute anyways. and i got to skip breakfast and lunch, i had half of an asian pear as a snack and then had a mini binge on halloween candy... chocolate is my weakness. that was about 250 calories. then i had a wrap for dinner that had a tomato basil tortilla (100 calories- i absolutely love these things), a piece of turkey (40 calories), two pieces of bacon (100 calories), and mayo (100 calories). it had a lot of veggies on it but i don't feel like counting them right now. so, i'll just round up, we'll call it 700 for today.

i just finished watching world of jenks, which is a great show by the way, and it was the episode where he followed a cheerleader/dancer around for a while. i've been craving more halloween candy, but i'm resisting it because of how skinny the girls that were auditioning for the titans cheerleading squad were on world of jenks.

i hate halloween candy. yet i love it. but i need to get out of the 125 plateau, it's so frustrating. i really want to be under 120 and in the teens. but i need to get to 123 first. my period should help that, i usually drop weight after it, my appetite goes away.

that's all for tonight, stay beautiful lovelies.
xox liz

p.s. if anybody wants to be friends on facebook, email me! my facebook is completely free of this side of me, so anything discussed on here can't be publicly discussed on my wall or anything, but i'd still like to be friends with you ladies on there! email me at beautyisanecstasy@gmail.com and i'll friend you or send you my facebook name or something. love you girls!

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  1. ooh that tomato basil tortilla sounds delicious! :D chocolate is the bane of my existence but life would be so much more duller without it... it's a forbidden temptation! and pill popping is always justified when cramps are in the equation :)