Sunday, November 14, 2010

thanksgiving goals, boys, and panties.

i fucked up on the fast, my parents took me out to dinner at this fancy shmancy restaurant in dc and i couldn't not eat. i haven't had anything to eat since so that's alright i guess. 

i think what i'm going to do for this week is have a 0 calorie (or less) total intake. so i'll fast as much as possible, but if i do eat, i'll burn it all off. i'm going to hit my next goal of 121 by 11/21/10, i've decided haha. that's 3 days before i see my super skinny cousins for thanksgiving.

i'm really excited for thanksgiving, i know that sounds weird but hear me out. at my aunt and uncle's house, the do not eat. it's wonderful. like food isn't a big deal for them, they eat little breakfasts, no lunch, and a small dinner, and that's it. it's awesome, i'm so excited. not eating a lot goes unnoticed over there, in fact it's weird if you do eat a lot. 

so hitting 121 when i get there means i can probably get down to about 119 by the time i come back on sunday, maybe even lower, i'll let you know when i get back since i won't have any internet connection there. and then it's only three more pounds until i'm at my new lw!

shopping in new york city on black friday at 121 pounds will be awesome, i'm so excited :) 

oh... and i've been kind of lying by omission to you girls... i'm still hooking up with my ex boyfriend, remember J? probably not, it's been a while since i've talked about him. we've been on and off since i was a freshman, 3 years about. we're like soul mates, right now we're doing this best friends that hook up kind of thing? it's pretty chill, i like it. it's not exclusive though, so i still am going for M hahah ;) anywho, this may be tmi but we had the best sex in the whole world on friday. i was awesome, if i do say so myself hahaha. 

so afterwards we were just kinda laying there on our sides talking to each other, still naked.. he knows about my struggle with food stuff, basically all the stuff i tell you, and he asked me if he made me feel good about myself. i said that yeah, being around him made me more confident and happy, since he's someone who i know thinks i'm pretty and likes me for me. then he went on to say that he doesn't think he compliments me enough and wants me to know that he'll think i'm beautiful no matter how much i weigh. it was just a really sweet conversation, it didn't change my mind about eating or wanting to be skinny, but it made me pretttty damn happy :)

ah exciting news! my mom got me tons of panties from victoria's secret, you know that part of it called pink? well they sold 7 for $25 panties and my mom made a deal with me that if i got rid of the ones i have now, she'd replace them (i don't know why she cares, the ones i have now are from the same damn store...). so i bought 21 pairs...... haha see the thing is by the time they come, she'll have forgotten that i need to throw the ones i have out, so i'll have like 50 pairs in total. i don't know what i'm going to do with 40 pairs of underwear... but outsmarting my mom through this feels awesome hahaha

weeeeell, that's my boring rambly life. i hope you girls are doing well, i need to get caught up on all your wonderful posts! xox liz


  1. What you have going with J sounds really cute :) good for you. And congrats on your decisive goal making for 121! You can do it!

  2. I love buying underwear. I have TWO underwear drawers.

    This J boy sounds really cute :) Maybe you should go for him instead of M if you two are such soul mates. These boys are hard to come around you know.

    Take care lovley :)