Thursday, December 2, 2010

you make me feel like i'm livin' the teenage dream.

the way you turn me on, i can't sleep.
let's run away and don't ever look back, don't ever look back.

sorry i'm lovin that song right now.. and katy perry performed at the.......

VICTORIA'S SECRET FASHION SHOW! otherwise known as 45 minutes of pure thinspo... it was so good!! i love lingerie for some reason... i watched it yesterday. you can watch it on if you missed it, definitely watch it. i love the victoria's secret angels. my friend wants to be one when she grows up. like that's literally the career she wants when she's older... it may not be very smart, i mean, it doesn't make her parents very happy hahaha. but i totally respect it, if i had the body to be one (she kind of does, she needs to work out some more but she's almost there-those angels are ripped!) i'd totally try. although i bet tons of girls want to be one... and they only have like 10 every year. i'm rambling. hahaha.

i was 125 today, after water and food and everything, i didn't get a chance to weigh myself in the morning. that's good since i've had a couple pretty big binges lately, but i seem to be back heading in the right direction.

i had salmon today, it was so yummy and so light, i ate one serving, 160 calories, of it and didn't feel heavy or bloated or full, but not hungry at all. looove salmon :)

okay well that's pretty much it ladies, i hope everything's going well :) and, in the spirit of the vs fashion show, i have some of the pictures from it as thinspo today. i have about 150 pictures downloaded from it overall but i'm only going to put a few up today, i'll save some for lataaa.

so here are some of the angels, i don't know how many there really are... these pictures are all from previous shows, but they're so gorgeous, i love all these girls as thinspo:
adriana lima- they other girls said she was the sexiest

alessandra ambrosio- she's lost some weight since this picture 

behati prinsloo- the other girls said she's the hipster of all of them

candice swanepoel- they said she's got the best body

erin heatherton- my favorite :)

lily aldridge- i didn't know who she was until this show, she's sooo pretty

chanel iman- the 'baby angel', she's the youngest. apparently she's the sweetest as well, according to all the others.

rosie huntington-whiteley- the other girls said she was the sexiest craziest party girl and her only comment was, pointing to her big lips 'these get me in trouble' hahaha

aaand here are the pictures from this show's collection, game time.

the back of the cape said knock out

one of my favorite pictures of the show

oh! one more thing... when i was commenting on someone's post, i forget whose, the verification code was 'purgere'. just thought that was interesting...

okay lovelies :) have great days, love you all! xox liz


  1. ahh omg they are so hot... i'm in the middle of watching it now actually haha. i don't know any girl who *wouldn't* want to be one of them! well, as long as they had the height, looks and body for it, all three of which i sadly do not possess! i can't do anything about the first two but we can all do our best to have rocking vs angel bodies ;)

  2. l o v e that song too!
    Victoria Secret, ULTIMATE THINSPO.
    Urghhh, I wish, but I know it will never be ):

    Sounds like you're doing well :)
    I get funny vertification codes sometimes to that some how are related to our types of blogs, it's creepy a little bit haha

    Take care :) xo

  3. Aw YAY! I know, aren't they addicting to watch?! I've watched all the way back to 2007 (not that far, actually) so far this week, and I can't stooooooopppp! SO gorgeous. Keep up the goood work, it's always the best when you have enough to satisfy but not to do any harm =]