Thursday, November 18, 2010

i broke down yesterday while i was in the shower. i saw myself in the mirror after an afternoon of binging and couldn't take it.

i just sat on the floor of my shower under the hot water and cried for an hour. i can't take this anymore, i'm not in control and i hate it.

so i'm taking a little break, just from posting, i'll still try to keep up with your blogs and comment, but i don't want to post until i'm 123.

hopefully i'll be back soon :)

xox liz


  1. Don't be angry with yourself, the only thing that helps you is thinking positively, although this may seem so hard right now. But if you want to loose this weight, never give up, honey. There may be rough times, but you'll make it through. I'm hoping you're back soon.
    Wish you all the best and so much luck,

  2. we'll all be here waiting for you, we know you can do it! take all the time you need <3

  3. It's okay lovely, just take a breath and relax.
    We'll be here <3

  4. Hope you have better days! I always think the best place to have a breakdown is in the shower haha! look forward to you coming back quickly!

  5. You know you can do this, your a strong person, just take a break and relax :) xx