Tuesday, November 30, 2010

as i watch 'thin' for the second time today...

i've realized something! okay so i know i gave you all the link to that documentary 'thin' like two posts ago, and i've been watching it nonstop, i couldn't figure out why. but kate saiiid in her comment (this is only part of it) "And I love that documentary, it is so sad. I do find it triggering... but not in a "thinspo" way... something."  which totally got me thinking about why i watch it. i also find it triggering, not in a thinspo way, but in a community kind of way. yes, i have you girls and i'm definitely not saying i don't appreciate/need you girls, i do, i love this little online community, you're all so lovely and supportive. but watching them and hearing them talk is almost like having four little ana friends who i'm listening to. and yes, i'm completely and painfully aware of how god damn pathetic that sounds. i've made friends with anorexic characters from a documentary. but their constant talking about food and calories and wanting to purge is a spoken narrative of what's in my head. it's comforting that they're there and feeling the same type of pain i am. and, everyone knows that misery loves company.

another thing, i haven't been neglecting your comments basically during most of november, all though it may seem like i have :( i love you girls and your wonderful helpful and supportive words of wisdom. i get my little email notification and read each one of the comments over and over :) it feels like this month has been really long for some reason... so to all the girls who commented during this long month:  not.quite.ana; Kate; teaspoon; VictoriaCrimson; Thin_Envy; Lovely Me; Frenzy; Depressed Skinny Mess; kazehana; gem; BellaAna; Kristina; used for : glue; glmx; Almost.Skinny; Sarah; Sea; zette  i love you all and thanks for the wise words, basically that's directed to all my 36 followers, i thought i'd have zero for the longest time, it's a wonder that i have you all. thanks for listening to me babble :)

soo december starts tomorrow and it's a very cold month, a little sweater thinspo is required.

may your sweaters always be cozy and your legs that stick out from under them always be skinny :)
xox liz


  1. I agree! You definitely articulated what I couldn't. Watching eating disorder documentaries gives you a sense of being normal, belonging to a group that does the same thing and fitting in there. It isn't pathetic. Most of us don't have "real life" friends who know about this... its lonely! Thats why blogger and the documentaries are so good. Don't worry about neglecting comments, everyone gets busy sometime.
    Great thinspo though... ugh I want some cute winter clothes, and to look thin as shit in them too! Thanks!

  2. i totally get your sentiment about "thin"... of course the online community and everyone on here is so so unbelievably sweet and wonderful i'm sure we all wish we could have someone to talk to in person about all this! oh and your sweater thinspo is so lovely, it's my kind of style haha.

  3. thankyouthankyouthankyou for that thinspo, I love it :)