Monday, November 1, 2010

the rally to restore sanity!

the rally was AMAZING. this post isn't going to be very long because i just got home from a party to make curfew and i'm sneaking out to go back in about 15 minutes but i really wanna tell you guys about the rally :)

so we got to the metro station (subway, underground, whatever, in dc it's called the metro) and it was packed, like think of the subway cars in japan? yeah. packed. there was a half mile line just to get in the station apparently, but by that time i was already on my way to the rally. a fight broke out in my metro car though, a woman needed to get on the train and people weren't letting her on because there was literally no more room in our car and she started cursing and scratching everyone because apparently she needed to go to the rally much more than any of us did.. so that was pretty dramatic haha

i was originally in a group of my friends of about 15 people, only 4 of us made it onto a metro car, and only 2 of us made it all the way to the front of the HUGE crowd. for those of you who don't know dc, the mall is this huge grassy area that stretches from the washington monument to the capitol building, and is a couple miles long. it was filled with people. the front of the rally was by the capitol building and when we got out of the metro station, we were about halfway to the front.

my friend and i met two guys who were in college and one of them was dressed as a pirate... they weren't cute BUT the pirate had a sword and he put it out in front of him and led us through the crowd. he got us almost as close as we wanted to be, and this was about a third of the way through the rally.

there were people climbing trees, i swear it was the scariest thing to be standing there trying to listen and have people rustling above you... and people were on top of port a potties (the portable bathrooms), it was ridiculous. so the pirate and his friend climbed a tree as my friend and i pushed on, we pissed off so many people in the process but who cares, it was awesome.

we got to see jon stewart and stephen colbert (obviously), ozzy osbourne, kid rock, sheryl crow, the oj's, tony bennett, and the roots. ozzy osbourne's performance was my favorite by far, he sang crazy train. for that one, my friend and i had climbed on top of a large truck to see with a bunch of other people who were all stealthily smoking pot (you could smell the pot just walking around, a lot of people with signs to legalize weed) and i literally felt like i was in woodstock or something. it was awesome haha. and jon stewart and stephen colbert were HILARIOUS. they did these little like fake debates and they were so damn funny. jon stewart had a really good speech at the end that he concluded with "if we amplify everything, we hear nothing" in reference to the media blowing everything out of proportion (the main theme of the rally). it was inspiring and funny and just all around fun to go to. :)

so yeah, that was the rally. i'm sure there are tons of details i'm forgetting. like tons. i burned about 600 calories walking around though. i walked in dc for a total of like 7 hours that day. it was awesome.

so i have to climb through a window and try to not wake up my parents... wish me luck. i'll post more tomorrow lovelies <3

xox liz

p.s. here are some pictures i took. i don't have many because i was deathly afraid my camera (otherwise known as my baby, a nikon dslr) would get broken somehow:

the stage where they all performed with the capitol building in the back. nobody's on stage now, this was after when everyone had started to leave. 

one of my favorite signs that dayy

it's hard to see but that's how huge it was. in between the 2 center trees you can see the jumbotron i eventually got past and then to the stage after that, all thanks to the pirate.

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  1. That is awesome! I am so jealous of you! I hope it was amazing!