Monday, November 8, 2010

pandas, penguins, bunnies, oh my!

so i saw this really gross picture today on the internet of a girl who died.. i'm not describing it, it's too gross (people need to stop posting gross pictures on the internet, i hate it), BUT i decided we all need a little more cuteness in our lives. so here you are ladies:

i looove penguins :)

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. i die of saying aw every time i see baby animals. one of my weaknesses. but then again, i'm a teenage girl... i deserve to be a cliche every once in a while right?
i hope that put a smile on your beautiful faces.
that's all for today, no talk about food or cutting or pills or restricting or unhappiness.
just innocent baby pandas, beavers, clouded leopards, hedgehogs, bunnies, otters, and penguins.


xox liz


  1. OMG SO CUTE! all was right in the world for a few moments <3

  2. I sent the pic of the pandas to my boyf, so I'm spreading the smiles around :) they were so cute I couldn't resist!
    I know how you feel, sometimes I really tire of writing about dreary stuff all the time.


  3. Awww! That is all I have said today since I've been surrounded by animals. But seriously. That is just pure aww. Cuteness.


  4. U r totally right this pictures r 2 cute!!!