Sunday, November 7, 2010

stuck in a rut rut rut.

we have this song at camp, it's really stupid, it's all about coconuts and ruts and how there's a coconut stuck in a coconut rut. all the little girls love it and all the older girls complain while they sing it, but secretly love every line.

all i can think about is the rut i'm in. i'm a fat round coconut stuck in my fat round coconut rut.

i can't even figure out how long i've been stuck at 125. and i'm doing all i can, it's not enough. i had 300 calories yesterday and according to this calories burned calculator, i burned 652 (by jogging and walking and carrying kids around while i was babysitting and cleaning my house).. i dry heaved once and came really close to fainting twice, it was great... so my net intake was -352. and i was still 125 this morning. how is this even fucking possible? i'm doing this for like... two more days and if i don't see a change, i'm just going to fast and continue with exercising that much, so my intake will be even lower.

and i'm super cold, i don't know how to stay warm, it's so frustrating. i'm constantly dressed in dozens of layers and under a bunch of blankets. grrrr.

on the plus side, i got new shoes yesterday! one pair of black flats and one pair of booties, i think they're super duper cute. i don't know what to wear them with though... haha. this always happens to me, i buy things that i don't know/have anything to wear with and then they just sit in my closet forever.

oh and i found these tortilla/wrap things that are 100 calories and have 12 grams of fiber, and they're tomato basil flavored.. they're the best things ever. i'm obsessed with them, i'll eat half usually, they're so good. i've also been obsessed with frozen fruit recently, Almost.Skinny gave me the idea. i found frozen mango and raspberries at the grocery store, and i lurrve mango and raspberries :)

i watched 16 and pregnant today... that show makes me never want to have sex ever ever again. or live in new jersey... sorry if any of you live in new jersey, but all i have to base my opinion of the state on is 1. jersey shore, 2. real housewives of new jersey, and 3. some crazy mom with a weird lisp and her pregnant rebellious daughter on 16 and pregnant... it's the creepiest show, don't ever watch it.

hmm.. i think that's all i have to update you guys on, i'm going to post more often, i promise! i think i promise that every time... but i really want to try to post more, i'm slackinn.

okaaayy, my post is kind of all over the place, sorry! thanks for reading and welcome to the new followers, love you all! :)

xox liz

p.s. my thinspo collection is over 700 now..... so i'm doing a thinspo post when i get around to sorting through it all.


  1. So glad I could pass on my weird obsessions! hehe :P I'm happy you're enjoying it too!
    Judging by your coldness I'd say your metabolism has slowed down to keep you alive.. you could try changing your calories around or upping them a bit? so say instead of eating 300 cals of fruit/bread you could make it 300 cals of non starch vegetables which would be a LOT more bulk moving through your system and mixing things up- it might jump start things! or at least get you through without fainting!!
    Stay safe xxx

  2. Oh love shoes! Watch out with the fainting, that is an easy way to get "busted". And I agree, get something with some more bulk into your system! Complex carbs that are slowly broken really prevent you from fainting, especially when combined with some protein and a small amount of simple carbs.

  3. think im going to have to try the frozen yoghurt! and them tortilla wraps sound yummy, i love tomato and bazil.. and 16 and pregnant i watch that well use to, theres new series now so ive lost track, but i actualy use to like it haha :$ dont get me wrong i did bitch to my self about the girls because they are so annoying! but yeah :) well done on your intake stay strong hun xxx