Tuesday, November 16, 2010

let's have a toast to the douchebags.

i'm giving up on M, he's just not worth all this effort... hahaha.

oh and he acted like he was mad at me today for hours at school just for fun. he said that he was just kidding and wanted to see how i reacted. duh i reacted poorly, i ignored that asshole! it was so rude, i'm sick of him.

anyways, that's not what i wanna talk about today. i wanna talk about the fact that i gained FOUR WHOLE POUNDS. how the hell does that even happen?!? overnight! what the fuck???

i'm really hoping it's just water weight from all that lettuce... yesterday i was a rabbit.. haha.

today i was a bottomless pit. i think it's the lack of sleep, it makes me tired and dehydrated. i literally cleaned out my kitchen, i couldn't stop. and i wasn't full when i was done, i was just out of food. i probably ate about 1500 calories in one sitting. that's ridiculous.

so i figure that it's worse if i blame this all on myself. i think my negative attitude isn't really helping me any. i probably ate that much because i'm exhausted. so tonight i'm going to bed early and hoping that helps.

i can do this, i can get down to 121 by next week. it's not that much to lose, if all that weight this morning really was just water weight.

i've got all 32 of you on my side :) there was a while when i was preachin to myself on here, it's nice to know all you lovely ladies are there :) sorry i've been such a bad commenter, i'm reading i promise!

tomorrow i'm going to try to right the wrongs of today, wish me luck.

xox liz

p.s. thinspo post next time! i'm sorting my 845 thinspo pictures as we speak.. or i speak to you. i guess when you're reading this, i'm probably not sorting pictures. then again, you could be reading this right as i post it. or sorting pictures is taking a really long time. i hope it's not that option...

ack. i'll stop babbling. love you all!


  1. That is BULL that M would pull that, that sort of drama is not worth it at all. And don't worry, 4 lbs overnight really does have to be water weight. Good luck getting down to 121!

  2. But wait...wasn't he probably testing you because you told someone else that you didn't like him?

    I guess if you want him to be sincere/honest with you, you should do the same?

    And aren't you still sleeping with your ex?

    Having your cake and eating it too is kinda impossible, yo. ;p

    As for those four pounds, muscle relaxants tend to cause water retention as well as slow down the digestive tract. They aren't real pounds, they're fluid and whatever food you ate just hanging out for longer than usual.

    Try drinking some coffee. It's a diuretic, makes you pee like a champion race horse if you're retaining water.

  3. i think it's literally impossible to gain 4 lbs overnight, especially if you were just eating lettuce! even with your binge today i wouldn't be surprised if tomorrow's weight was lower than today :)

  4. I'm following you now :)
    It doesn't make sense you gained 4 lbs over night :( I think it is just water weight :) Your'll get to 121, just keep motivated! xx