Sunday, November 28, 2010

well i caught up on all your posts! sorry i didn't comment very often, i'm really tired. i got back from new york at 1 am last night and had to get up at 7 am. yuck.

when i got back i weighed 125 and this morning i was 124.5!!! after a couple hours, after i'd eaten a disgusting 420 calorie muffin and drunk a lot of water, i was 125... i haven't eaten anything since but i have  a hard dinner to get through.

my aunt and uncle and cousins (i was at their house for thanksgiving) kind of suck at cooking... well they don't suck, it's just never all that great. well my parents and i 'redo' thanksgiving every year, instead of turkey we have chicken because my dad doesn't like turkey, no sweet potatoes (i hate them), stuffing/mashed potatoes my dad makes, and good cranberry sauce. so i have that to get through tonight and then i'm set. i can skip breakfast and lunch easily during the week, then i can eat a small dinner.

i wanna be 120 by christmas... cross your skinny little fingers :)
xox liz


  1. You can so do it. 5 pounds in 4 weeks? No sweat! Just dedication :)


  2. 5 pounds will disappear in no time lovely :) Just keep focus!
    take care,

  3. You got it girl. No problem!
    Good luck hun!

  4. oooh i hope you had fun! the dinner doesn't TOO terrible as far as thanksgiving dinners go, i'm sure it wasn't as anxiety-provoking as it could have been haha. 120 by christmas is MORE than possible, you're already ranging in the 124's now anyway :D we'll get skinny together!!