Tuesday, November 23, 2010

i just tried to make a list of things that make me happy.

i could only come up with four.

cool. life is good.

also, i'm giving up on this no blogging until i'm 123, i'm still trying to get there, but i miss you girls.

i've been realizing lately how alone i really am. i can't talk to J anymore, my school friends have all changed and are different people now, my parents hate me, and my camp friends are basically gone.

i'm almost entirely and completely alone. 

and i hate it.


  1. i sympathize with the way you feel completely, i think i would be in a much worse place right now without the blogging sphere :/ even though we can't connect with each other in person you should know that our thoughts and feelings are with you <3

  2. I completely understand the way you feel.
    Loneliness is really strong and can really get to some people.
    People like me.
    Share whatever you need to share here.
    Oh how I wish we were all neighbors and could just visit each other whenever we wanted.

  3. I feel that way, too sometimes. I am glad you are back, though.
    If there are not many things in life you enjoy, try to find some new ones. Maybe that helps. Try to enjoy other things.
    You will get through this, honey. Be strong.

    I send you my love,