Saturday, October 16, 2010

rambling post.

i'm so full of water right now. i just chugged 5 big glasses so about 60 oz. i don't really know why.. i wasn't that thirsty, just kind of bored...

i had the best lunch today, it tasted so good and made me not hungry but i wasn't overly full (until i drank all that water, now i feel like an over filled water balloon). i had half a can of tuna (70 cals) with 3/4 a tablespoon of mayo (75 cals) on half a piece of pita bread (157 cals) and three cups of butter lettuce ( i love this stuff: 21 cals). this all came out to be 323 calories but i worked my ass off on the stationary bike and burned 300. so my total is only 23 calories for today :)

so i did a drawing for my art class that i thought i'd put up. art (photography drawing and graphic design mostly) is a big part of my life and i don't really address it as much as i should on here. so here's the drawing i did, it was for a project where we had to draw a paper bag...:

stressing about someone in my art class seeing this, so it's gone now. excuse the paranoia 

i'm pretty proud of it haha. sorry for the bad quality i took it with my phone camera.

so i'm re-watching the recent office episode, i love it. i love the office. it always cheers me up and puts me in a good mood. i have all the tshirts and props, those little things they sell on the nbc site.. i'm kind of obsessed.. :) haha.

oh! and my grades have started to get a lot better. it's so relieving. i got my 64% in honors math up to a 82%! and i have an 91% in both AP us history aaand AP english language (AP is advanced placement, they're basically college classes that are available to highschoolers, they count as college credits). and i have 100%'s in both photography class and french class, and a 90% in art class and a 88% in honors physics. i'm super proud of all those, they're like the best grades i've ever gotten. :) if they stay where they are for my first quarter report card, i'm asking for an iPhone. i really really really really want one, my phone right now is sooo crappy.

i'm in a pretty cheery mood, and i had nothing really of substance to say.. haha sorry for the rambling post. i'm gonna read all your posts now, i hope you're all doing well :) love you girls.

xox liz

i love annalynne mccord.

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  1. great intake, great mood, great picture! :D xxxx