Saturday, October 23, 2010

and it's draining all of me
they find it hard to believe 
i'll be wearing these scars for everyone to see.

i'm not back for good, i'm just saying i'm still alive... i miss you guys a lot, it's hard to not post. but i really need to get back on track. there's not going to be another post until i am.

i'm just letting you all know i'm still alive, no pills and no purging. also no successful restricting, despite my best efforts. homecoming is tonight and i'm ready to look like a fat pig for it. i met two guys last night and i'll be seeing them a lot tonight, so that should be interesting. M and i are not going in the direction that i wanted us to. my moms being less of a bitch and my aunt is basically supporting my disorder.

i'll update you ladies on all of that when i come back, i promise.

i'll talk to you again when i've got my shit together.

i hope it won't be long, i'll try harder.

i miss you all, hope you all are doing well.

xox liz


  1. I hope everything works out for you, Just want you to be happy, Best of luck (:

  2. You've got this. You're doing the best thing for yourself right now, and that is great. So keep it up, and come back when you're ready.