Saturday, October 9, 2010

just a short update, i don't really have much to post about...

i binged and was a complete fat ass today. i smoked and got so hungry, about 1500 calories, it sucked... but i smoked on this thing called a bubbler? i'm pretty sure that's what it was called. it was pretty sweet haha. i had some good times, i haven't smoke in a while. it was pretty awesome.

M and i are steadily moving forward... :) he bear hugged me today and tried to warm up my hands by holding them for a while (i was really super cold), so it's in the right direction. it seems as if he likes me, but just flirting with him itself is really fun. 

that's basically it, sorry i don't have interesting stuff for you ladies, i'm super duper tired haha. i'll post more tomorrow :)

xox liz

i love annalynne mccord.


  1. I also love her.

    And I love that you and M are getting closer :)

  2. Is the bubbler like what we call 'hubbly bubbly'? hmmm if so then yumm i love that stuff, makes you all light headed and booootifull! the sat went ok by the way! xsxxxx