Saturday, October 9, 2010

it's always better when we're together

i'm loving jack johnson right now. not that i don't normally love him. but i'm listening to him right this second and he's wonderful :). same with jason mraz. i mixed all of their songs together into one huge relaxing playlist, it's the best playlist ever.

oh and exciting news! i'm going to a bob dylan concert in november! i love him. of course, i'm going with my parents... but that's because they wouldn't buy me the $150 tickets unless they could go too. i'm so so sooo excited.

so everything i ate last night did not sit well with my stomach. it was all junk food and my stomach is clearly telling me that i can't eat junk food anymore... i don't mind that at all, it makes it much easier to have healthy binges, but it's kind of inconvenient and uncomfortable when i forget and stuff myself with junk.

M won his football game last night, our team is still undefeated! he was supposed to text me after the game... but he didn't. whatever, guys forget shit like that all the time. and M is like a super lazy guy, all the other guys have nothing on him when it comes to being too lazy. if there's any work at all when going after a girl, he won't do it unless there's serious motivation. lets just hope i'm serious motivation :)

hopefully i'll look good for homecoming/halloween and M will make a move. the homecoming dress i'm planning to wear is black and strapless, tight at the top and then big around the hips... it sounds super weird but it's not haha i'll post a picture of it later. i need cute shoes to wear with it though since the dress is kind of plain. then halloween is when i have to look super hot. every other girl in my high school tries to look hot and i need to stand out from then. i'm thinking that if i have a sexy costume and i'm under 120 then that'll do the trick. i have no clue what i want to be...

and last, to goal_thin, this is the thing that we smoked out of, it's called a sherlock bubbler and it's for weed...
BUT i think the thing that you're talking about is what people where i live call a hookah like for tobacco, and i know what you mean, i loveee them :) we put different flavored tobacco in them and it's soo yummy.

okay well that's all for today ladies, i'm running out ideas for what to put in posts :( i think i'll do a thinspo post soon, we'll seee.

xox liz


  1. Oh please dooo post a picture of your dress! I love getting dressed up, I have a wedding soon and I want to go shopping for a new dress too. Only I need to lose some weight first haha.

    Glad you're doing well!

  2. god. i loooove hookah and weed. hahha that's funny about J & M!
    What costume are you going to wear?
    I want to dress up for halloween, but I'm so insecure right now.. Maybe if i can get down to 145. Ugh. that's still such a big number.

  3. haha my fav piece to smoke from is my orange and red bubbler from high school!

    and i can't wait to see a pic of your dress! it sounds totally cute!