Wednesday, October 20, 2010

i'm terrified but i'm not leaving

i know that i must pass this test.
russian roulette by rihanna. i adore that song.
so many comments on the last post, wow i love you girls. i'm sorry the pictures didn't work out very well, i don't know what happened.. i might try to fix it, check back in a couple days. but thanks for all the comments, you girls are awesome.

anyways, good news and bad news...

bad news first....
i'm out of control. i'm in some kind of funk that i can't seem to get out of. and, like the title, i'm terrified but i'm not leaving. i'm terrified that i'll never be able to get out of this, i can see myself swelling up to official balloon status, going back up to my high weight. so i'm taking a little break. i'm tired of feeling like i've failed you all and myself. i don't want to sound selfish, i'm so proud of you all, but coming on here and seeing how much you're losing makes me feel like a failure. so i'm just taking a couple days off,  it's not anything drastic, i'm not leaving, (hopefully that's the good news, depending on whether or not you like my presence here.. hahah) i'm just not going to be posting until i get my shit together. hopefully, i'll be back by like tomorrow or something... i just need to get organized and get back on track. i'll still try to comment and read your posts, i don't wanna miss anything in your lives! :)

so that's about it. i'm awkward with goodbyes, if this even counts as a goodbye. thanks for all your support, i love you all. i'll be back soon, i'm not leaving. i'm just on a posting hiatus.

xox liz


  1. Take your time, love.
    We'll be here waiting <3

  2. I hope your hiatus works and helps you out!

  3. I already can't wait for your return. Everyone is here to support you, regardless of your weight, your loses or gains, your disease or your recovery. Remember that!

  4. I hope that you come back soon!! I'm here if you ever need someone to talk you through things or give you some more support or something!!

  5. gasp! i just started reading your blog, but i wish you luck! i'll be looking forward to your next post :)