Thursday, October 14, 2010

short post, i'm exhausted.

to lovely bones, frenzy, and twigs can fly: i can't tell you how much your comments meant to me, all of you girls are amazing. thank you so so so much for the support. you ladies made my day, i don't know how to thank you... i was in a bad place and you all were there for me, so thanks again. love you all.

i've thought about it nonstop since last night, considering whether i should do the skinny girl diet or not. and i've decided i'm going to at least try.

i need to stay away from the pills and knives and purging, i don't want to make those things into habits. but this starving and restriction is already a habit. i want the control and bones and i want to do this. i know it's an extreme diet and i really really really appreciate all the advice i've been given on it, but this is what i want.

i love you girls. stay strong and stay beautiful.

xox liz

oh and i realized i made this picture thing of me and i never put it up here.

i hate hate hate that first picture. more than absolutely anything. i had just eaten and look pregnant and it's disgusting. 
i also hate posting pictures of myself on the internet soo.. this will probably come down soon.

and it did, sorry. i'm not too comfortable with pictures of me up here. xox.

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  1. Its nice to know that my comments actually help! I just hope you always make the right decisions for yourself, and the safest. Obviously that makes me a hypocrite, but whatever haha. I wish I would have made one of those "progress" picture things for myself too, maybe if I saw the actual loss side by side I would think its real haha.

    You, my dear, have something to be proud of! You look lovely. You ARE lovely :)