Tuesday, October 5, 2010

my head is full of marshmallow fluff. my head feels like it's a million pounds and light as a feather all at the same time.

i had a dizzy spell yesterday in bed. the best ones are when you're laying down. the whole bed tilts forwards right until i'm about to fall forward and off. at first they're fun, getting flipped around and spun isn't that bad when it's gentle. sometimes it's not gentle though. sometimes i flip upside down and scream until someone is able to shake me out of it. 

so you're witnessing crazy zero sleep liz. i'm strung out on multiple types of pills, whatever i could find in my kitchen, i took. my fat and flab and squishy marshmallow-y body was aching so i started with advil and just kept reaching for bottles.

it's been exactly 39 hours since i slept last, for more than an hour at least. i get into bed and roll around but i can't sleep. i hide it pretty well during the day but now the crazies come out.

i'll maybe post again tonight. probably not. i feel empty and light. time for another dizzy ride with my marshmallow head. xox liz


  1. Gah, we are both currently sleep deprived as fuck. I've had 6, 5, 5, and 4 hours of sleep for the last four nights. Its so nice :S

    Easy on those pills girly! Not eating + not sleeping + pills = bad combo. Just want you to be safe and beautiful!

  2. be careful with the pills, okay? your stomach isn't always forgiving of what you put in it when it's empty. i kind of like you crazy. so cheers for that. stay strong, darling.