Sunday, October 3, 2010

can't think of a title, sorry guys

i got my period today, i know this could be tmi but as far as i know, all my followers are female so it's not like this is anything new... cramps like a motherfucker but i know i'll lose weight when it's over, i'm never ever hungry on my period, only in pain. and i can pop pills like an addict the whole week with no questions. i think this is a win win situation overall.

i just finished volunteering at the art festival in my town. it was a pretty damn good work out. i carried tables and boxes and equipment all over our park for about 5 hours. and got a super fun golf cart ride out of it haha. those things are awesome.

i weighed myself this morning and i was 126 with wet hair and clothes on (i didn't have time for a proper weigh-in) so at least i'm somewhat maintaining. i have this super cute dress i'm going to wear after my period's basically gone, in like 2 days (hooray for having super short periods!), if i make my goal.. which reminds me...

my goals/rewards:
i made a plan to be 118 by homecoming and i still want to stick with that. homecoming is in 3 weeks and i only have like 7 or 8 pounds left. soo...
by 10/9/2010 i should be 123 at least. hopefully more with the whole period thing... but if i set my expectations too high and don't make them, i'll be pissed. at that point, i'll go shopping to get my homecoming dress (hopefully- it might get delayed to the next weekend depending on my schedule).
by 10/16/2010 i should be 120. then i'll get my shoes (which i'll splurge on) and halloween costume. yes,  they'll be selling them then they're even selling them now lol.
by 10/22/2010 which is the homecoming game, i should be 118. if i am, then i'll buy more new clothes that weekend/week. maybe even a size 4 or even 2 jeans?? lets hope, fingers crossed.

as long as i stay under 120, i'll go shopping more often. the second i get over 120 i won't let myself wear any of the new clothes i'll look too obese in them. but as long as i'm under 120 and stay there, i'll be okay.

oh and by the way, those 100 calorie fruit cups suck dick. just eat regular fruit ladies. i usually love those things but these ones taste like the metal cans they come in. yoplait lite 100 calorie yogurt is awesome though, in strawberry or peach. i'm surprised because i'm normally not a girl who likes yogurt but i love this stuff. i can't eat it often because i'm lactose intolerant though.. but i do anyways lol.

and my stomach has like lost the ability to process really fatty foods by the way... i've always eaten majority healthy food, we don't have a lot of junk food at my house and my parents don't make greasy food, it's mostly organic. but when we go out to eat or i go with my friends to eat, i can't eat everything, i throw up anything remotely greasy. i don't mind it, it keeps me from binging on crappy food. puke really really really grosses me out, i have major problems with it, so i try to keep from puking as much as possible. so i've been avoiding greasy food as much as possible.

OH GUESS WHAT?? so there was this huge party last night, not huge.. but like... nothing goes on where i live so this was a pretty big deal. i went super late and stayed for about 10 minutes and went to my friends house to smoke hookah but that's not the point. M and i were talking about the work we have to do for homeroom tomorrow and i mentioned, good job at the game friday and he said 'thanks :) i looked for you everywhere at ___'s party but i couldn't find you...' and he kept going on about how i should have stayed and we could have hung out etc, it was so exciting! :) he like thinks about me outside of homeroom! it sounds stupid but it's a step lol. yay! made my day haha.

well.. i'm having soup for dinner. i had chinese food for lunch, i don't even want to think about the calories, although it was mostly plain white rice... anyways, things should start looking up, i'm already a lot less hungry than i normally am! i'll keep you girls updated, hope you've had awesome weekends. stay skinny. xox liz

i want that stomach...


  1. i never thanked you for your sweet comment on my picture post. so thanks, darling. &how tall are you? kudos for your good attitude. you'll totally reach your goals. stay strong, darling.

  2. i like that you reward yourself :) hehe cuttee, love you xxxx

  3. I don't have my period, it's a weird thing, because everybody is talking about feeling lighter afterwards, not feeling hungry while they have it. But I wish you luck with it going away fast. Haha.
    And I am excited to hear what will happen with M! Keep us updated ;)
    Loads of love,