Monday, October 4, 2010

drama, drama, drama.

i had a ridiculously dramatic day... i hate dealing with drama, i never know what to say or do and i get annoyed and it's horrible. M hooked up with a girl (i care but i'm not sad/mad or anything), and that girl's best friend likes M too. i had classes with both of them (separately thank god) and i had to hear about how much they loved M and blah blah blah whatever, but neither of them know that i like him a lot. so i didn't really care, but having it rubbed in my face all the time was getting annoying. so i had to put up with that all day...

but then i got to my last class, the one i have everyday with M, and we talked about it and......  he doesn't like either of them! he regrets that night, wants to be friends with both of the girls but just friends, and we had this whole long deep conversation about what he should do. we ended up even closer after just like an hour and a half.. it was great. his friend likes me still though... i'm not sure if i told you girls about that but yeah. his best friend... bad situation because if his best friend likes me, he can't. i don't show the friend any signs of liking him back but he's an idiot. M knows that i know too now, and i told M that i'd never like his friend, and now he keeps bugging me about it. it's super annoying. i've decided to completely stop talking to his friend (who's actually kind of a douche bag so i don't feel that badly) and i'll see how that goes.

i really like M though... like a willing to wait kind of like, and that sounds weird but i don't wait for boys,  i usually just move on. but i realized today that i can live with just talking to him, even that makes me feel special. he's got amazing eyes, they're so blue. and he makes eye contact all the time, we bump into each other and i can feel it minutes after. he's just... wonderful haha.

anyways.. to my safe haven, ana. being empty all day helped a lot, it's comforting. i had about 200 calories when i got home and a diet soda, and i'll probably just say i have cramps and skip dinner.

i have to do a practice sat today and tons of homework and babysitting and yuck. at least i'll be making some money... only about $20 but still, it's money haha. i need to weigh myself tomorrow morning, i have no idea where i stand right now, and that's bad for that plan i put together... i just get up so early i forget to weigh myself (i get up at 5 fucking 45 am, it's ridiculous!). but tomorrow i will, i'll write something on my hand :) i'm thinking of starting the ABC diet, if anyone's interested in joining me, just let me know!

okay lovelies, i'm off to do my shit ton of work... i hope you all are doing well, stay skinny! xox liz


  1. i totally lost track of your dramatic day heheee :) but glad that you're feeling empty and definitely looking beautiful ! :) xxxxxxx

  2. LOVE that picture.

    Girl, go for M. If he's willing to talk to you about all of that stuff I'd say he likes you and trusts you a heck of a lot. Or wait for M. I don't know what you should do haha, I just know you guys should get togetherrr.

    You're doing awesome on the intake! Congrats.