Thursday, December 16, 2010

i knew i'd found what i was looking for

i don't understand why some people are such bitches, honestly. this girl who i've always hated recently found out that i was in a group of people who were ALL talking about how big of a slut she is and she decided i'm the only one she's going to be mad at. and she just updated her twitter (i refuse to use the word tweeted.) "Your stupid saggy ass isn't even remorseful for what you did. I hate you." yes ladies and gentlemen, that's me, good old stupid saggy ass.  yaaaay.
i could whine all day about how much of a bitch she is buuut she'll eventually figure it out. and eventually her metabolism will get slow so all the mcdonalds she eats every day will go straight to her thighs and she'll puff up. and then i'll laugh.

fuck high school.

on the plus side, my stupid saggy ass is getting smaller. or at least it should be... i weighed myself this afternoon after drinking like 12 gallons of water and came in around 122. also considering all the bingeing i've been doing lately, that's an alright number.

also, i found this video that i think is the most adorable thing in the whole entire world. not only do i like the song but the thing the guy is trying to do is so cute. watch ittttt.

I knew I’d found what I was looking for
Sitting indian style, on the kitchen floor.
You’re like pretty Grace Kelly in a black and white scene
And you’re batting your eyes cos you know it kills me.
You think you feel my heart jumping through my chest?
When you look at me it beats three times as fast.
And all of this is passing us too quick for regrets.

i hope i meet a guy that would do something like this. i see all these loveless marriages and relationships, the people in them are so used to being in them that they just stay there, no matter how unhappy they are. i don't want this to be me. i think i'd rather be alone then be completely unhappy... i don't know. i know it sounds like i want a boyfriend right now but i don't think i want one in high school. it's not worth it to me. but what if i don't find one ever? aaaaaaargh i worry too much.

it's thinspo time, today it's karlie kloss.

yeah, right.

golly she's gorgeous. okay i have a french paper to edit and i have to be up in 5 hours. fuck lifeee.

xox stupid saggy ass liz

(sorry still a little bitter hahah)


  1. Ok first off, and I know you're probably sick of hearing this but imma say it anywayz, i can tell from your stats that your ass is no where near saggy. that slag was just trying to get a rise out of you [DON'T LET HER].

    great thinspo xx

  2. honestly, it sounds like her attack on your "stupid saggy ass" is her being jealous of said ass... don't let it bother you! not to mention that "Your stupid saggy ass isn't even remorseful for what you did. I hate you" is quite possibly the most childish insult i have heard in a VERY long time. she's not worth the time to even think about! (p.s. the fact that she has to "tweet" this rather than confront you about it is so typical...)

  3. Oh, don't worry, there will always be that kind of bitches. I know, this doesn't really help you know, but in my opinion, this girl isn't worth spending a single thought!
    You'll get trought this and you'll find the perfect one. Don't worry so much, you're still young!


  4. Ignore the bitches, they are not worth your time!! You will find "the one" :) Just be patient and let them come to you xx

  5. Haha. She sounds like a total bitch slut.
    Don't let her get to you - which I don't think you are anyway!

  6. I think your ass is not saggy, ♥
    I'm sure it's very beautiful haha :)

    Karlie Klossssssss, nomnonomn.

    And that bitch is so fucking dumb. Kick her in the cunt.