Wednesday, December 15, 2010

toucha toucha toucha touch me

sorry for the rocky horror picture show title. it's really stuck in my head...

i'll put up no resistance, i want to stay the distance
i've got an itch to scratch *GASP* i need assistance
toucha toucha toucha touch meeee, i wanna be dirtyyy
thrill me chill me fufill mee, creature of the nightt

okay got that outta my system. if you haven't seen the movie, go see it. except not at home, don't be lame, see it in the theater. and dress up. it's the best.

i just finished a two hour long online lecture for history class, it was interesting but it's nice to be done. it took me forever. plus, there wasn't a pause button. sooo no breaks. 120 minutes of civil war facts. yuck..

i ate too much today, was going fine until i binged during dinner. i just can't seem to get under 120, fml.

well. a little couples thinspo? i think so. damn i wish i had a boyfriend to be skinny around.

i am in love with this picture.

hope you're all doing well lovelies :)
xox liz


  1. Naww, those pics are adorable!!
    I specially love the first one.
    She's like: LOL imma take a picture of you cause your my gorgy-worgy boyfriend and we're so in luvy duvy wuvy!!
    He's like: Get that camera out mah face.

    and i fuckin LOVE RHPS. my fave song is sweet transvestite <3
    i sing it in the bath

    don't worry hun, you'll do heaps better tomorrow. you're gonna get over this plateau, dammit!!

  2. The pictures are gorgeous!! your blog is so inspirational

  3. Haha! I had that same song stuck in my head the other day as well!
    It's too good to pass!
    I'm sure you can make it under 120 one day <3 Take it easy, lovely

  4. Omg, I had to listen to this song now and dance around in my room! This is so so so so good. Love it.

    I hope you'll make some progress and be proud of yourself. Stay strong, you have my back, honey!


  5. ehehe yeah, i was joking about the tapeworm thing >.<

  6. OMG we used to do that in high school!!! I always wanted to be Magenta. :D