Sunday, December 12, 2010

more victoria's secret thinspo

J and i sorted things out. he's being weird. whatever. boys are complicated.

i was 122 this morning, i'm really bummed about that. i was 120 yesterday and everything, 2 whole pounds overnight. i'm hoping it's just one of those weird things, in the past i've gained around 2 pounds overnight and dropped it all by the next day. so hopefully it'll be gone tomorrow :) i'm super excited about being so close to getting under 120 and then my low weight. 

oh! i found out that one of my friends, i've known her since preschool, is anorexic. i'm not excited that she's going through all that pain obviously, but it's nice to have some one in my daily life to talk to about this stuff. i've always kind of known that she was and she's always kind of known about my weird eating habits but we've never talked openly about it until now. 

food has been really grossing me out lately. like to the point where it makes me nauseous to watch someone cook. i don't really know what's going on there. i think it's because i was watching this tv show where they showed someone getting their stomach stapled and i saw what fat looks like from the inside of your body... EW. it's disgusting. and now when i see food, i see it making fat. and when i look down at my body, i see all my problem areas as that gross shit i saw on the little surgical camera. YUCK.

anyways... onto some pictures of people with no fat.  lotsa victoria's secret thinspo :)

it's all from the 2010 fashion show-the tough love collection and the pink collection

xox liz

p.s. watch this video, i love this song and the music video makes it even better :) 


  1. geh. i saw a gastric bypass surgery being performed on supersize vs superskinny.
    ICK. It is a good deterrent from food though :)

    And those 2 lbs are most likely just water weight, they'll be gone by tomorrow.

  2. You're nowhere near as big as you think you are.