Friday, June 18, 2010

little piggy

so I was cleaning my room and found this box that used to be for stationary:
but I filled it with cutout thinspo pictures. I felt really clever.. haha but if my mom finds it, I'm screwed. My aunt was ana when she was younger and my mom knows exactly what to look for. She's already constantly suspicious when I skip meals but this would be the cherry on top of my therapy flavored cake. My gym final was horrible and I had my last full day of school. Which, yeah I'm excited for summer but that means I'll be home for lunch. At school I can just throw/give away all the food my mom makes me take and my friends are used to it, I just tell them that I eat after school. But now if I skip lunch, and on top of that dinner, at home, with my parents there, they'll notice. Does anyone have any good tips to make them not notice? I'm at a loss right now, I can't think of anything..
I'm seriously dreading this fucking beach trip. I should be excited, there won't be any adults, I love the people who I'm going with, and it's a vacation. But I'm a fat pig, and not a little piglet either like the cute one on the box. No maam, I'm a fat pig and I'm gonna be in a tiny little bathing suit, parading my cellulite all around the beach. What a fun fucking weekend right?

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