Friday, June 18, 2010

avoiding studying...

I have a gym final. A GYM FINAL. What the fuck? Like did I miss something here, perhaps the moment when gym became a class that someone actually cared about? Oh and lets make this more fucked up. It's on three sports: Badminton. Tchoukball. And Ping-Pong. Like, they came up with the three stupidest sports of all time and decided to waste an hour of my time every day teaching them to me. And this final counts just as much as all my other finals grade-wise. Fuck this shit. Tchoukball?! Tchoukball is something some dumb ass teacher made up when their gym class had a ball, two trampolines, and it was raining outside. Goddamnit I hate high school. And Ping-Pong. I mean.. come on guys, Ping-Pong. That's just fucking embarrassing.

I also have history finals I'm procrastinating for... and math... and science. I won't be able to study this weekend either, I'm going on a beach trip with some of my friends. Worst fucking nightmare, there are going to be bikinis and flat tummys/asses everywhere- except on me. I totally forgot that it was happening this weekend, and like the fat ass I am, I've been pigging out all week. I haven't gone over 200 calories on thursday and I don't plan on going over 300 tomorrow.

Cross your fingers, I hope I'll be at least only slightly obese this weekend! xox


  1. Huh. A gym final. Pretty intense. We only get that if we join Excel. (Which is like, a huge and awesome mega-gym.)

    No probs though! Just eat a little more, exercise a lot more, and study inbetween! :D

  2. Ugh lucky! Gym is a joke but we have to take it to be able to graduate :/
    Thanks love, I will! xox